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Welcome to the Middle School


It is a great pleasure to welcome you to The Middle School at Christian Heritage!

The middle school years are a unique time in the lives of children, when they leave childhood behind and grow into young adulthood. This is a time of opportunity, a time to grow and to engage youthful vigor in the discovery of individual strengths and interests, developing healthy relationships, and gaining essential life-skills. It is a time to discover how to live purposefully in a God-created universe. Middle School students require an environment that helps students grow in mind, body, and spirit.

We are a vibrant community of students and faculty engaged in the joined disciplines of learning and teaching. We navigate the highs and lows of the learning process with grace, in order to model redemptive relationships. Our teachers are dedicated to students and understand them.  Classes are small, each student has an advisor, and the reporting system to parents allows for individualized narratives at spaced intervals—assuring a family that progress of their child is being closely followed.

The Middle School provides students with the opportunity to develop in many ways. Through challenging core classes, all students build a body of essential knowledge and develop skills essential to becoming a lifelong learner. Students become acquainted with the larger world in which they live. They respond to a new level of academic challenges within an environment of encouragement and support. Many of the humanities classes engage students around the Harkness table where teachers facilitate student-led discussions that foster in-depth analysis and promote conversation and collaboration. The middle school experience is not limited to a rigorous academic curriculum, students have multiple opportunities outside the classroom and can choose art, music, drama, and sports that broaden their horizons and help students begin to discover the gifts that are uniquely theirs and around which they can begin to develop a strong sense of identity.

Students become leaders by leading. Our students lead study centers, encourage campus pride, and develop awareness of needs outside our own community in a spirit of biblical service. Competition is a part of the middle school life, and students work with faculty to create healthy team-building through our Crimson and Gold games.

The Middle School curriculum and instruction are redemptive in that we equip each Christian student to love and serve God through a comprehensive, integrated body of knowledge thoroughly informed by a biblical worldview. We want the middle school student to enter the 9th grade year with confidence having been inspired to think critically, collaborate effectively, communicate authentically, while gaining a sense of one’s unique calling to engage in our God-created universe.


David McVicker

Head of Middle and Upper School