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Welcome to the CHS Lower School


Helen-9229Thank you for giving us this opportunity to share the reasons why we believe the CHS Lower School is the best one around! CHS has six goals for our students.  At the elementary school level we hope to instill in them a sense of belonging as we work towards those goals. We want them to feel loved and experience joy in their learning.

First, we work to give our students a strong Biblical foundation.  Believing that God holds all the resources we need for life and right living, we hope to equip our youngest ones with an early understanding of His Word by allowing it to permeate all of the subjects of our study.  Because hiding God’s Word in their hearts is the best thing we can do to equip them for an unknown future, we include Scripture memorization from kindergarten through all their years at CHS.

Next, we help them recognize those God-given talents and abilities they have to carry out His plan for them.  We also want them to develop healthy relationships.  So we teach them to respect themselves and one another and help them create a safe environment, free of the fear of ridicule or harassment from others.  At those times when our students come to cross purposes in their work and play, our teachers are there to help them resolve issues and move on to healthier friendships.

We hope to equip our students with the academic skills they need to become leaders in the 21st Century.  We encourage them to think critically, collaboratively, cooperatively, and creatively.  We begin this process in the lower school by providing foundational instruction in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies that equips them to face challenges at the next levels and inspires them to excel.

Finally, we hope to be able to form partnership teams with you, the parents of our students.  We believe that educating your child is your God-given responsibility, but we can offer you the benefit of our experience and training to help you get the job done.  No one, however, knows your child better than you, so your input into the educational decisions for your child is necessary.  That begins with the decision of where they come to school.  We hope that you will decide to form that partnership with us.  We promise to work hard to offer you the best education available to equip your child.


Helen Boen

Head of Lower School