Main Campus: (706) 277-1198

Q:  What time do I need to be at the school for testing?  

A:  You should arrive at Christian Heritage School at least 10 minutes before testing time.

Q:  Where should I go when I first get to the school for testing?  

A:  The main office

Q:  How long does the test take? 

A:  AABL takes about 45 minutes and ISEE takes approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours.

Q:  Can I stay with my child while he/she tests?  

A:  Parents are welcome to stay at the school, but are not allowed to remain in the testing room with their child(ren).

Q:  Can my child bring a snack or drink for testing?  

A:  Students may bring water to drink and a light snack if they choose to have during break.

Q:  Can my child bring a calculator or other reference materials?  

A:  No, we do not allow those items to be used while taking the test. However, your child may want to bring a book to read during extra time.

Q:  What happens if my child gets sick the day of the test?

A:  Please call the school as soon as possible so we know your child is not coming.  You may reschedule the test for a later date.

Q:  Are all grades expected to take an entrance exam?

A:  Yes.  All students are required to take an entrance exam. Grades 2-12 take the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam.) Kindergarten and 1st grade take the AABL (Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners.)

Q:  If I already have one child at CHS, does that mean a sibling will automatically be admitted?  

A:  No, each applicant must go through the admission process.

Q:  How do the test scores affect my child’s admittance?

A:  If the child’s scores are below our benchmarks, they may not be admitted or might be admitted with some extra requirements to ensure academic success.

Q:  “My child makes A’s and B’s and is in Honor’s classes at his/her current school. My child also meets the Georgia standard on the Georgia Milestones.”  Is the CHS entrance exam the same as the Georgia Milestones? 

A: The Georgia Milestones is a test developed for the state of Georgia Performance Standards.  It compares students’ performance across state standards.  The ISEE is a standard assessment of skills that tests reasoning and achievement. It compares performance across other independent school students.

Q:  What kind of test preparation do you recommend?

A: It is difficult to “study” for the test.  However, improving vocabulary and basic math skills is helpful on any test.  A good night’s sleep and healthy breakfast are important in helping students do their best.

Q:  What if my student’s entrance exam scores are below the CHS benchmark? What are my options?

A:  Our Director of Admission will discuss various options with you if the scores are too low for admittance.

Q:  If my child has a learning difference, can my child receive test support?  

A:  Please make the Director of Admission aware of those conditions so that accomodations may be made. You may be referred to the Director of The Pinnacle Academy to discuss options for your child.