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Support Our School!

Support our school and receive a credit toward your Georgia state income taxes.  Anyone who pays Georgia state income taxes may be eligible for this tax credit. The Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit provides financial aid to qualifying students. (Please note that funds cannot be designated for a specific student.)

Exciting News

For 2019, the amount allotted by the state has increased to $100 million! Additionally, Faith First Georgia is now GaSSO (Georgia Student Scholarship Organization). You may visit their website at www.georgiasso.us.

Update on 2018 Tax Credits:

To those who participated in the 2018 tax credit, Thank You!  On January 2, 2018, we were able to submit all of the pre-approval forms online with the Georgia Department of Revenue.  All of the $58 million allotted by the state was used on that same day, January 2.  In fact, the state received pre-approval requests totaling over $105 million.  As a result, all pre-approvals submitted were prorated.

Next Opportunity to Participate - January 1, 2019!

Taxpayers can participate as follows:

  • Married Filing Jointly: up to $2,500 per tax year
  • Married Filing Separately: up to $1,250 per tax year
  • Single or Head of Household: up to $1,000 per tax year
  • Members in Pass Through Entities (LLCs, S Corporations, Partnerships): up to $10,000 per year
  • C Corporations: up to 75% of their total Georgia income tax liability

By helping to provide financial aid to Christian Heritage School students, you will not only provide an opportunity for a student to receive an excellent, Christ-centered education, you will also receive 100% of your donation back as a credit on your Georgia income taxes!

Ways to Participate

Simply fill out our Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit Pre-Approval form and return to CHS.  We will file the necessary information directly with the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR)  for you electronically.

If you have any questions, please talk to your accountant.  You may take the prepared letter to your accountant when you take your tax information to see if you can participate in the Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit.

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact Mary Beth Shultz at [email protected] or 706-277-1198.

Forms and Downloads

After you donate, you will need to file Form IT-QEE-TP2 with your tax return along with a copy of your approved letter from the Georgia Department of Revenue and a copy of your donation receipt from GaSSO.  Your accountant and most tax preparation softwares will produce this Form IT-QEE-TP2 for you. You may also take the prepared documents to your accountant to see if you are able to participate in the program.

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