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Lower School Academics Overview and Nurture Model

At Christian Heritage, our goal is to give students a solid foundation for their educational career as well as for life. We hope to encourage and strengthen a love for learning so that our youngest students will continue to excel academically throughout their years at CHS. The characteristics that best describe our academic program are Christ-centered, challenging, and comprehensive.

CHS students consistently outperform national averages at all grade levels on nationally-normed achievement tests. Even though our goal is to teach far more than can be measured on standardized tests, we believe that proper analysis of the tests can benefit our students.

Limiting class size allows our students to receive more one-on-one attention. We address the learning needs of individual students and offer help to students with difficulties through The Pinnacle Academy.

Kindergarten and Pre-1st

Our Kindergarten program combines developmental expectations with academic readiness instruction. Plenty of hands-on experiences, such as field trips and creative expression through art, music and unit themes help reinforce learning. Free and structured play is an integral part of the curriculum. For children who need an extra year of development before first grade, we offer a pre-first class. Pre-first students review kindergarten skills and move ahead to beginning first grade skills.

Lower School (Grades 1-5)

Curriculum is carefully chosen to reflect and include biblical principles, an emphasis on application to everyday life, parental involvement, a phonetic and comprehensive skill approach to reading, and a challenging academic program balanced with attention to the developmental needs of children. Subject disciplines include Bible, Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar), Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Art, Music, Physical Education and Computer Skills.


Nurture Model

A Partnership with Parents

We believe that the education of a child is a responsibility God has entrusted not to the school or the government, but to the parents. Our goal is to come alongside the parents to offer them the benefit of our training and experience for accomplishing a goal that is ultimately their responsibility. We make every effort in the admissions process to show parents who we are so they can decide if our school is the right place for their family. We welcome their input, even insist that they be involved in this process, listening to what we can do for their child and what our recommendations are and then making decisions together for their child.

A Developmental Approach

The lower school of Christian Heritage is a “nurture model” school. As we develop relationships with each child we get to know them in a deeper way. Then we seek to match our expectations for that child with his/her developmental age and maturity level so that learning occurs more smoothly without undue frustration. Our teachers are trained to recognize, celebrate, and minister to children who learn from a variety of different styles.

Four Areas of Need

A child has basic needs in four different aspects of his life: emotional, social, physical, and spiritual. At Christian Heritage the emotional needs of a child are met through loving teachers who are concerned with the overall development of the child. The teachers desire to see each child individually and disciple them towards an understanding of themselves and a concern for the needs of others. The goal is to help the child grow from self-centeredness to being confident in the Lord’s work in his life with the proper amount of humility. As the social aspect is developed the teachers work daily with the children to help them learn how to treat ALL others with kindness and respect. The goal is to make the school a safe place for children of all types, safe from the cruel words and actions of others, safe to enjoy each other as they play together. The physical needs of the child are met through many opportunities to exercise their bodies. Caring teachers and parents seek to guard the health of the children. The goal is to help the child recognize that his body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and he is obligated to develop it to its fullest potential.

The often-overlooked aspect in the basic needs of a child, the spiritual aspect, is brought front and center at Christian Heritage. Through daily Bible classes, biblical integration into all subject areas, and weekly chapel services of worship the child is constantly pointed towards his need for Christ. The goal is to have him accept Christ as personal Savior and to live his life for the glory of God. We seek to help our students view all of life through a biblical lens. Every subject we teach is used to ultimately teach us who God is, what His character is like, how He works in the world. We work to develop individual relationships based in love with each child so we can disciple them in the ways of the Lord. We want our students to respond to their world in wisdom.