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Desired Student Outcomes


The students will grow in their understanding of God as He is revealed through the Bible, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Creation. They will stand in awe of God’s great love, power, provision, and sovereignty. They will commit themselves to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. They will deepen their desire to glorify God and advance His kingdom as stewards of creation and culture. They will practice ways to reflect God’s nature in their relationships with classmates.

Fine Arts (Music, Art, Drama)

Students created in the image of God are blessed with different talents. They will be given a myriad of experiences to develop those talents and express their love of God and His creation through artistic endeavors. The students will be able to discern and think critically about culture and art.

Foreign Languages

The students will develop insights into the nature of language and culture as they study other languages. They will develop a greater appreciation of their own language and culture as well. They will be equipped to communicate the love of Christ in another language.


The students will learn about the ‘wonderfully and fearfully’ designed human anatomy and how to manage and maintain well-being of the total person (spiritual, mental, emotional, social, and physical) according to the Creator’s plan.

Language Arts

The students will acquire effective and creative communication skills, so that they may find pleasure via the written word, ultimately love God’s Word, and make known His truths.


The students will discover mathematical truths, which are part of God’s perfect design, reflecting His own orderly, real, and changeless character.

Physical Education

The students will develop and grow properly in stature, strength, and stamina through participation in physical exercise and athletic activities that will build sportsmanship and bring glory to God.


The students will be equipped to study and comprehend Creation from a Christian worldview, so they may be able to excel in scientific pursuits and fulfill their role as God’s stewards, charged with exercising dominion over the world He has given us.

Social Studies

The students will understand the world, its cultural development and history, as the unfolding of God’s creative, sustaining, and redemptive plan. They will become responsible stewards in their culture.


The students will use modern technological resources to take advantage of opportunities for kingdom-building activities and ethical stewardship in today’s world.

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