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College Counseling Center Overview

Overview – “Calling Prep”

Christian Heritage School’s college counseling department offers parents and students extensive advising in preparation for the entire college admission process but more importantly seeks to offer direction to God’s calling on the student’s life.

The college counseling staff seeks first to help freshmen and sophomores create a four-year academic plan, identify their interests and learning styles and begin to discover the path and purpose God has for them . The goal is to help students have a better understanding of themselves and how God hard-wired them before they begin to explore colleges. In the second semester of the sophomore year, the counselor begins educating students about the college choice and application process. Beginning in the winter of the junior year, the counselor then advises students how to act on that knowledge and continue to support students with college applications, spiritual reflection and admission decisions into and throughout the senior year.

This comprehensive support, in combination with the strong college prep curriculum offered at Christian Heritage School, results in many post-secondary opportunities for our seniors. Seniors are accepted at a variety of colleges and universities throughout the country.

Freshman Year

Ninth-graders put together a four-year academic plan while they learn how to take advantage of all that high school offers in preparing for college. The counselor helps students adjust to Upper School and explore their extracurricular interests. The Learning Styles Inventory begins the process of self-awareness.

Sophomore Year

Revisiting the four-year academic plan, we work with students to help them stay focused on their academics and involved in activities that interest them. Visits to colleges with Christian Heritage’s college counselor helps students gain exposure to different school environments, learn to tour a school effectively, and talk openly with admissions personnel. In the spring, the college counselor presents the application process and talks to sophomores about what colleges are looking for in prospective applicants.

Junior Year

In the junior year, students begin to research colleges in earnest. They are encouraged to visit and interview at colleges that pique their interest. The counselor works with students and parents to ensure productive visits and to help students form a list of potential schools. Through individual conferences with students, the counselor helps juniors articulate their educational goals, spiritual gifts and learning style. The college counselor meets extensively with juniors and their parents between January and May.

Senior Year

In the senior year, the Christian Heritage counselor helps students identify colleges that match their needs and goals. The counselor individually guides seniors in managing the application process, writing their college essays, making the most of scholarship and financial aid opportunities, and providing advice on adjusting to college. The college counselor meets extensively with seniors and their parents between August and April.