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College Counseling

Choosing a college is an exciting and anxious time for both parents and students as they prepare for this next step in life. College Counseling at Christian Heritage School operates on the core belief that college admissions is a match to be made rather than a prize to be won. My goal as college counselor is first and foremost to provide each student with the encouragement, guidance and support he/she needs to fulfill the purpose and plans God has for his or her life. The goal of our College Counseling Program is to guide each family through a student-centered process that will ultimately lead to the selection of a college/university or life path that will meet the academic, spiritual, personal and extracurricular needs of each student.

Services include individual conferences, assistance with research of colleges and standardized testing requirements, college night programs for all high students and parents, support through the application and financial aid processes, resume writing and essay assistance when necessary, interview skills and much more.

Amy Poag, M.Ed.
School Counselor
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Welcome to Christian Heritage School’s College Counseling Center.

Christian Heritage School’s College Counseling department offers parents and students extensive advising in preparation for the entire college admission process. Guidance in preparing for college, finding the right college fit, locating summer enrichment and gap year opportunities, understanding college admission, and learning about financial aid and scholarships are topics covered throughout the four year program.

Please visit the following pages for more information about successfully navigating the college planning process.


Please visit this page for an overview of each Christian Heritage student’s four-year college admissions process.

College Planning

Planning Toolkit

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