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CHS Online & Internships

CHS Online

When can courses be taken?

  • When there are conflicts in the schedule.
  • When CHS does not offer a particular course.
  • When a student desires to take AP courses or dual credit courses.
  • When credit recovery is needed.

Who do I contact about taking online courses?

  • Contact Judith Fleet, the high school registrar
  • The courses must be approved by the high school principal.

How long do I have to take a course, and where can I take the course?

  • Course length will vary, depending on the class selected.
  • Online courses may be taken at CHS during an independent study or at home in the evenings/weekends.

What are the online course requirements for CHS?

  • An online course cannot be substituted for an existing CHS course.
  • No more than two online credits per year may be taken by on-campus students who must take a minimum of 4 CHS on-campus credits each year, unless an exception has been granted by the high school principal.
  • All tests and exams must be proctored on campus.

How much do online courses cost?

  • The cost will vary depending on the class selected. Any cost associated with online classes are in addition to regular CHS tuition. Payment must be received before a student can begin an online class.

Career Internships

Internships_9x35_sign[1]Career Internship provides work-based learning experience as an extension of high school career exploration. Seniors have the opportunity to participate in a paid or unpaid internship at a business or institution while exploring a career through assessment and research. An internship offers students opportunities not available in the regular high school classroom. Students will be able to continue to explore and develop career interests and talents while participating in the internship setting, experience networking, learn workplace skills beneficial after high school and college, and earn academic credit.

Internship areas explored by previous students include:

  • Education
  • Interior Design
  • Dance
  • Equine Science
  • Construction Management
  • Health care
  • Drama
  • Pharmacy
  • Special Education
  • Financial Management
  • Business Communication
  • Introduction to Law
  • Turfgrass Management
  • Physical Therapy

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